Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Taormina is a small town on the eastern coast of island Sicily, Italy, in the province of Messina, about midway between Messina and Catania. Taormina belonged to the luxury vacation resorts since the 19 century. It has very popular beaches, accessible via an aerial tramway, on the Ionian sea.
Taormina's coastal location, facing Greece, between cities Syracuse and Catania to the south, and Messina to the north, determined much of its history. Is no doubt that Tauromenium (the ancient name of Taormina) was a part of the kingdom of Syracuse till the death of Hieron. After that, the city was ruled by the Roman Empire when the whole island Sicily was reduced to a Roman province. This city has also a rich medieval history, like all other towns from Sicily.
The modern Taormina, that offers accommodation in luxury 5 star hotels, occupies the ancient site, about 300 m above the sea, while a very steep and almost isolated rock, crowned by a Saracen castle, rises about 150 m higher. Portions of the ancient walls can be seen at intervals all round the hill. Numerous fragments of ancient buildings are scattered over its whole surface.

Accommodation & Hotels

Like almost all cities from Sicily, Italy, Taormina is a premier travel destination and belongs to the renowned vacation resorts of Italy, attracting many holiday makers every year. The majority of vacationers go there to see the ancient ruins and medieval buildings, so most of them visit the city during a day trip or making a stop on their tour of Sicily. Still, some of them wish to know better the city, so they choose to spend few days in its hotels. Taormina is not a big city, so there can not be found accommodation in too many big hotels. Holiday makers can find accommodation also in villa-style hostels or homes for rent.
Taormina is considered by many holiday makers to be the real pearl of the Mediterranean Sea and they travel there for its beaches and vacation resorts. Its main beach is located at the small bay Mazzaro, wich is full of sea caves and natural marine reserves like Isola Bella.

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