Cefalu, Sicily, Italy

Cefalu is a city in the province of Palermo, located on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy, on the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea, about 185 km west of Messina. Cefalu is nowadays one of the major vacation resorts of the region and there go every year a large number of tourists seeking to spend relaxing moments on its excellent beaches and great accommodation in its luxurious hotels. As many other towns of Sicily, Cefalu has been founded by Greeks and has a rich history.
One of the major attractions of the city is the cathedral. The building begun in 1131 in a style of Norman architecture, more accurately called "Sicilian Romanesque". The exterior is very well preserved and is largely decorated with interlacing pointed arches. On each side is a massive tower. The round-headed Norman portal is particularly interesting. A semi-circular apse is set into the east end wall. The groined vaulting of the roof is visible in the choir and the right transept, while the rest of the church has a wooden roof.
Some remains of the ancient city are visible today. The most interesting monument remaining from the ancient city is an edifice consisting of various apartments and having the appearance of a palace, but constructed from large irregular limestone blocks, in the style called polygonal.
On promontory are extensive remains of a Saracenic castle. The town's fortifications formerly extended to the shore, in the form of two long walls protecting the port. There are remains of a wall at the modern "Porta Garibaldi".

Accommodation & Hotels

Cefalu gains more and more in popularity between the exquisite vacation resorts of Italy. In fact, Cefalu is a picturesque little village nestled between a rock and a beautiful beach, on the northern coast of Sicily. Cefalu is now renowned outside of Europe as a great place to spending a relaxing vacation and enjoying luxurious accommodation.
Maintaining much of its original medieval charm, tourism industry is now becoming a major factor in the entire region's economy. Luxury hotels, villas, vacation home rentals, pubs, and coffee shops are easy to find there. The village has many excellent restaurants to choose from. Beaches of Cefalu are very good too. With its golden sand the main beach of Cefalu is one of the best sandy beaches in the entire Sicily and stretches from the historical center down to the newer hotels.
If tourists climb to the top of the "rock" they can admire some spectacular views of the town and the red roof houses built on the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea. The vegetation is lush with oranges, cactus figs, almond and olive trees.
If tourists intend to spend their next vacation in Sicily then they should not miss the chance to discover one of the island's best kept secrets. It is truly an excellent place for vacation, because it is spectacular, has excellent beaches and the accommodation is great. Due to its growing popularity, in vacation resorts of Cefalu where developed many villas, vacation home rentals and 5 star hotels. Whether holiday makers are first-time travelers to Sicily, Italy, or "veterans" they should not miss the opportunity to travel to Cefalu and spend there a few relaxing days.

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