Sicily Resorts & Luxury Accommodation

Finding luxury accommodation in one of the many available resorts and all inclusive hotels of Sicily and Palermo is an excellent way to discover the true peace and comfort of beach holidays spent in Italy. A feeling of true peace, art, history, architecture and great sights are just a few things offered by Sicily, Italy, and its magnificent resorts. Palermo, Messina, Catania, Taormina, Trapani, Syracuse, Agrigento, Corleone, and Cefalu are some of the preferred tourist destinations in Sicily.
Luxury resorts and all inclusive hotels of Sicily, especially in Palermo, have much to offer in terms of size, location, services, scenic views and price. Over the years, historical edifices have been converted into opulent vacation properties. And a few of them have been transformed into beautiful apartments. Vacationers who wish to experience the real Sicilian ambiance should find accommodation in a smaller town or village. There they can find absolute tranquility surrounded by private gardens, terrace amenities, and magnificent hill- or sea-views.
If tourists' vacation budget is really high they should consider to rent a whole villa. This type of accommodation is different from resorts and hotels by the space they have to offer. These space include rooms with facilities like a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, salon, office, library room and possibly a room with a home theater system. The atmosphere that surrounds the property smells like paradise thanks to the fresh flowers from the park. Tourists can relax completely there, especially after a dive into a private pool...


Accommodation in holiday resorts and all inclusive hotels can be found everywhere on the island, so the unique problem is to find one that meet better the personal needs. Hotels located on the beach offer the most relaxing holiday that tourists ever had. After a few days spent soaking in the sun they can start to explore the main tourist attractions of the island. Palermo should be the first destination, so staying into one of the many resorts available not far away from this city is a good idea, even if the rates can be higher as in other places.
Other premier vacation resorts in Sicily where tourists can find good accommodation are Messina, Catania, Taormina, Syracuse, Agrigento, Corleone, and Cefalu. In this areas they find all types of accommodation, from homes settled on the beach to luxurious 5 star hotels and all inclusive resorts.
Vacations spent in resorts of Sicily, Italy, and its capital city Palermo give holiday makers the opportunity to start their day on the beach and end it visiting some ancient ruins or a medieval cathedral!

Featured Hotels & Resorts of Sicily

Hotel Deals in Palermo

Hotel Palm Beach Hotel - 3 Star

Hotel Quality Hotel President Palermo - 4 Star

Hotel Astoria Palace - 4 Star

Hotel Mondello Palace - 4 Star

Hotel Villa Igiea Hilton - 5 Star

Hotel Politeama - 4 Star

Hotel Excelsior Palace Hotel - 4 Star

Hotel Villa Esperia - 3 Star

Hotel Torres Artale Relais - 4 Star

Hotel Athenaeum Palermo - 3 Star

Hotel Villa d'Amato - 3 Star

Hotel Mercure Palermo Centro - 4 Star

Hotel Azzolini - 3 Star

Hotel Gallery House Hotel - 3 Star

Hotel Tonnara di Trabia - 3 Star

Hotel Vecchio Borgo - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Taormina

Hotel Marabel - 3 Star

Hotel Grand Hotel Timeo - 5 Star

Hotel Russott - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Catania

Hotel NH Parco Degli Aragonesi - 4 Star

Hotel Romano Palace - 5 Star

Hotel B.W. Mediterraneo - 3 Star

Hotel Apeiron Hotel - 3 Star

Hotel Stesicorea Palace - 3 Star

Hotel Savona Hotel - 3 Star

Hotel Manganelli Palace Hotel - 4 Star

Hotel NH Bellini - 4 Star

Hotel NH Villa San Mauro - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Messina

Hotel NH Royal Palace - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Siracusa

Hotel La Rosa Sul Mare - 4 Star

Hotel Des Etrangers et Miramare - 5 Star

Hotel Mediterraneo Siracusa - 3 Star

Hotel Grand Hotel Sofia - 4 Star

Hotel NH Venus Sea Garden Resort - 4 Star

Hotel Grand Hotel Ortigia - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Agrigento

Hotel Agrigento della Valle - 4 Star

Hotel Grand Hotel Mose - 3 Star

Hotel Grand Hotel Dei Templi - 4 Star

Hotel Agriturismo Villa Maddalena - B&B

Hotel Kaos - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Cefalu

Hotel ART Hotel Atelier Sul Mare - 3 Star

Hotel Relais Santa Anastasia - 5 Star

Hotel Deals in Trapani

Hotel Baglio Basile - 4 Star

Hotel NH Crystal - 4 Star

Hotel Stella d'Italia - 4 Star

Hotel Torri Pepoli - 4 Star

Hotel Deals in Selinunte

Hotel Alceste - 3 Star

Hotel Deals in Enna

Hotel Selene - 3 Star