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Messina is the third largest city on the island of Sicily, Italy, and the capital of the Messina province. It is located near the northeastern corner of Sicily, at the Strait of Messina, being a main gateway to tourist sites present on the island.

Also founded by Greeks in the 8th century BC, Messina was originally called Zancle. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was successively conquered by Goth, Byzantine Empire in 535, Arabs in 842, and in 1061 by the Norman brothers Robert and Roger Guiscard (later count Roger I of Sicily). In 1189 the English King Richard I visited and occupied Messina during his travel to the Holy Land. All rulers left behind various edifices that represent today top tourist attractions and are visited by the voyagers who spend holidays in the region.

Messina is one of the famous vacation spots for beach holidays in Sicily, but it offers also other interesting tourist attractions such as: the cathedral from the 12th century, which contains the remains of Conrad, king of Germany and Sicily, the church Annunziata dei Catalani, dating from the late Norman period, and church Santa Maria degli Alemanni (from the 13th century), that belonged to the Knights of Malta. Other points of interest are Palazzo Calapaj, Fountain of Orion, Fountain of Neptune and the lighthouse San Ranieri.

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Messina features some of the best beaches in Sicily and Italy, and as a result is not surprising that many tourists choose it as holiday destination in Italy. Particularly good are considered beaches from Capo D'Orlando.

Resort town of Messina draws guests with fantastic holiday attractions, but also with excellent lodging options. Accommodation amenities in most hotels in Messina are very good, reason why in the peak season most rooms are occupied and consequently tourists who intend to stay in holiday resorts settled in this city are advised to book rooms well in advance.

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