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Cefalu is a city in the province of Palermo, located in the northern region of Sicily, Italy, on the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea, about 115 miles (185 kilometers) west to Messina. It is nowadays one of the most popular holiday resorts in Sicily. To Cefalu book holidays a large number of tourists seeking for relaxing moments on beaches and cozy accommodation amenities in the luxury hotels set there. As many other towns in Sicily, Cefalu has been founded by Greeks and has a rich history, so there are plenty of holiday attractions to visit.

One of the major tourist attractions in Cefalu is the cathedral. The construction begun in 1131 in Norman architectural style, more accurately called "Sicilian Romanesque" style. The exterior is very well preserved and is largely decorated with interlacing pointed arches. On each side is a massive tower and the round-headed Norman portal is particularly interesting.

Some remains of the ancient city are visible even today. The most interesting monument remained in Cefalu from the ancient age is an edifice consisting of various apartments constructed from large irregular limestone blocks. On the promontory are extensive remains of a Saracen castle. The town's fortifications extended up to the shores, in the form of two long walls protecting the port.

TravelMapOfSicily.comHoliday Attractions In Cefalu - Beaches In Cefalu

Cefalu belongs to the most cosmopolitan tourist sites in Italy. In fact, it is a picturesque village nestled between a rock and a beautiful beach, on the northern coast of Sicily. Cefalu is very popular in Europe and even worldwide as a great place for relaxing beach holidays, as well as for luxury accommodation amenities provided by some of the best rated hotels in Sicily.

Preserving much of the original medieval charm, tourist industry is now a major factor in the region. Along with tourist attractions, hotels, villas, vacation home rentals, pubs and coffee shops are plentiful. The village has also many excellent restaurants to choose from.

Beaches in Cefalu are gorgeous and represent top attractions in the area. The main beach in Cefalu, covered by golden sand, is considered one of the best sandy beaches in Sicily and stretches from the historical center of the city up to the high-end resorts' area. From the top of the "rock" overlooking Cefalu, tourists can admire some spectacular views of the red-roofed houses built on the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tourists spending holidays in Italy are advised to not miss the chance to discover one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Sicily. Cefalu is an excellent vacation destination for beach holidays in Sicily because it is spectacular, has excellent beaches and the accommodation choices are magnificent. Due to the increasing popularity, in Cefalu have been developed many villas, rental properties, beach resorts and luxury hotels.

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