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Italy has been always in the top of European holiday destinations amongst travelers from all over the world. Through the many wonderful places where to go in Italy, Sicily is an island lying in Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of the country. In the last few decades, Sicily has developed to a premier destination for beach holidays due to the numerous resorts and hotels that sprung up on its territory. The island has its own culture and historical heritage, full of literature, art, music, architecture, and more. The economy of Sicily is represented mostly by agriculture with vineyards, lemon and orange orchards, as well as olive groves. The countryside offers unique and memorable views, providing excellent relaxation conditions to all visitors. Not only does Sicily offer warm hospitality, but the region is also an important archaeological site, homing major attractions like the Necropolis of Pantalica and Valley of the Temples. Sicily is also a visited geological site, with plenty of volcanic activity in Aeolin Islands and around Mount Etna.

Tourists have a plethora of exciting things to do and interesting places where to go in Sicily. Many voyagers head to Erice, a small town offering breathtaking views towards Trapani and Egadi Islands. It is also home to two ancient castles, one Islamic and one Norman. Agrigento, with the nearby located Valley of the Temples, is a top archaeological attraction of Sicily as well, dating back to the VIth century BC. Palermo provides travelers with educational activities, revealing a big part of the island's history. Among the many holiday places where to go in Palermo, some of the most interesting are the Archaeological Museum, Temple di Normi, the Old Town, and the Duomo. Segesta is a good vacation destination to explore more of the ancient heritage of Sicily, for it has preserved a unique Greek temple and an amphitheater, both situated at the bottom of Mount Barbaro. The views in the area are breathtaking and the experience is just unbeatable!

The Aeolian Islands belong also to the must-visit holiday destinations in Sicily. These seven islands are a popular tourist site offering numerous things to do, but also spoiling sunshine, inviting beaches and a very well preserved natural beauty. Skiing and sailing belong to the top holiday attractions on the island and the two active volcano mountains make Sicily even more entertaining and intriguing. The hot mud baths can cater even to the most capricious taste, especially after a long day of sightseeing and hiking in the lavish forests. There are several other tourist sites to explore while holiday in Sicily such as Lipari, Stromboli, and Alicudi, all offering amazing landscapes, warm beaches and authentic cuisine. Accommodation on the islands is great, providing everything a modern traveler might need – from bed and breakfast lodgings, to luxury resorts featuring exquisite hotel amenities such as spa, pools, and retail centers.

Agrigento is located on the southern waterfront and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Located close to the Valley of Temples, the area has preserved ancient Greek buildings and Doric-style temples for generations, allowing visitors to get a taste of another era. Museo Archeologico is also close by, with amazing collections on display, providing a memorable and educational experience. Sciacca is Sicily’s historic fishing port, located in the southern part. Although this is not a typical vacation destination and looks more like a residential area, the town is renowned for its thermal baths, the unique ceramics and the colorful religious festivals. However, on the splendid island of Sicily are many other things to do, places where to go and valuable holiday attractions to explore, all these things, added to the very good accommodation conditions provided by a large number of hotels and beach resorts, drawing annually a huge number of Italian and international voyagers alike.

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