Corleone, Sicily, Italy

Corleone is a small town located in the province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Its known worldwide as the birthplace of several Mafia bosses. The Mafia has dominated the local community for decades.
In medieval times the town was dominated by Arabs, who gave it the name Qurlayun; later the Normands conquered and ruled it.
Corleone has, beside a few quite vacation resorts, a few interesting churches, which attracts each year many vacationers. Chiesa Madre ("Mother Church"), dedicated to St. Martin, was started in the late 14th century. Its appearance has been influenced by numerous changes and renovations. Worth to a visit is also Chiesa dell'Addolorata, which is a church from the 18th century dedicated to the Basilian abbot and patron saint San Leoluca. Chiesa di Santa Rosalia and the small Sant'Andrea, both from the 17th century, with important frescoes and paintings, are notable landmarks too.
Santuario della Madonna del Rosario di Tagliavia, a religious building from the 19th century, is a renowned destination for pilgrims on Ascension Day.

Fine Vacation Resorts

Due to its interesting churches and medieval architecture, Corleone is one of the vacation resorts worth for a visit during a tour of Sicily, Italy. There can't be to found many luxury hotels, still the accommodation is great in the region and many villas and vacation home rentals stay at tourists disposal.
The region also attracts vacationers with its vineyards and the good vines that can be tasted there.