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Sicily is the heart of Italy and the pearl of Mediterranean Sea. The island is arid and mountainous and is an extension of the Apennine Mountains, separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina. Just a few reasons to travel to Sicily and to spend there a great vacation are the water sports, the beaches, the natural beauty, and the friendly people. On the map of Sicily can be found the main travel destinations of the main island of Italy, including Palermo, the capital city of Sicily.

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Palermo is the capital of Sicily and its largest city. Originally a Phoenician, then a Carthaginian colony, the capital city is also the main travel destination of the island offering great attractions for all vacationers. Nowadays, Palermo is a modern city with excellent hotels, restaurants and museums.

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Sicily, the main travel destination of Italy, is a shinning star on the European travel scene because it offers perfect conditions for magnificent vacations. Is it due to volcano Etna that is still burning, is it due to the rich cultural heritage that the island carries or is it due to the many luxury resorts and hotels that offer excellent accommodations? Nobody knows, but into a tour of Sicily everybody will find something interesting to do or to see and guaranteed each vacationer will go home with unforgettable memories!

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This travel guide features also a map of Sicily, so you'll select easy the best destinations for a tour of Sicily.

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