Sightseeing Tours & Day Trips In Sicily

To island of Sicily travel every year plenty of people in order to spend relaxing beach vacations. However, the place is well-known for the stunning views and very rich historical vestiges, and as a result there are many travelers who take trips to Sicily in order to enjoy this kind of attractions as well.

On the island are many companies offering sightseeing tours and day trips, so there are various packages to choose from while holiday in Sicily. Tourists have the opportunity to explore the worldwide famous Mount Etna, taste local wines, take Sicilian cooking lessons, book city tours in Palermo, Taormina, Siracusa, Messina, and others.
By combining the hours spent on the awesome beaches with sightseeing tours, travelers have chance to get know much better the Sicilian culture and to admire the splendid sights present at every footstep including picturesque villages, ruins of Greek temples, olive groves perched on rolling hills, the snow-capped peak of Mount Etna, huge rocks rising from the foamy waters of Mediterranean Sea and many others.
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